Experiential Art

Part of our visualization initiative is to present art to the public in new and revolutionary ways. Using web 2.0 and 3.0 technologies we can present amazing visual content as well as primary data and images that will forever change the study and appreciation of art.


Our vision is to set the new normal by creating a unique IMMERSIVE AUGMENTED ART experience. Our services appeal to both private and public collectors interested in conservation, preservation and education.


Below are images of paintings as you would may have seen them in galleries, books or on the internet. If you click on any of the images you can experience the art in a different way. These are just simple prototypes of our digital museum demonstrating the interactive nature of the web especially as you overlay the visible spectrum (including microscopic) with x-ray, infrared or pseudo-color.  For more information and a even richer experience contact us at info@greatmastersart.com.

Explore Madonna with Child

Click Here to Explore!

NAME: Madonna with Child

ARTIST: Carlo Crivelli



DIMENSIONS: 24 1/2″ x 16 1/8″ (62.23cm x 40.96cm)

MEDIA: Tempera and oil

MATERIAL: Wood Panel

LOCATION: The San Diego Museum of Art, California

DESCRIPTION: Tempera and oil on wood panel of Madonna with Child

  1. Use the left button to zoom in and out of the picture (double clicking with your mouse or finger works as well).
    • Look at the details around the eyes.  Explore the cross-hatching in the intricate design.
  2. Use the buttons on the right side (or the slider) to fade from the visible to xray.
    • Look for the missing jewels.  Worm holes in the wood panel. And the large areas that have been filled as part of some restoration.

Explore Baptistery di San Giovanni

NAME: Baptistery di San Giovanni


LOCATION: Florence Italy

DESCRIPTION: Romanesque architecture